Our clients partner with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our knowledge of real estate. Others choose us for our track record of investing in profitable businesses. All enjoy the same Stratford Price advantage.

~Josh K

I run a full-time company, which takes up the majority of my time, so I was looking for a company to invest within a largely “hands-off” way. A number of years ago, I came across Stratford Price Capital and found a team I can trust. Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable, but they are ethically sound as well. I have since invested in over a dozen properties with them. It has always worked out exactly as agreed, and I look forward to many more years together.

~Derek L

Since my first investment opportunity with Stratford Price Capital in 2017, I have never felt that I am just sending my money away hoping to see a return near the suggested timeline or amount. It has always felt that we are on a team working to get the project done on time and on budget. Being new to the industry, it’s hard to know what responsibilities and return is fair, but Stratford is very good at outlining what everybody’s responsibilities are and make sure everybody is comfortable and excited with where the project is going and that everybody wins.

~Rob Z

Stratford Price is a wonderful place to deal with investing. They made me feel very confident about the investment process. I felt like I was treated as an individual and not just as a number. They carefully went over my financial situation and found excellent investment vehicles for me and not just the cookie-cutter ones that the big banks offer. I wholeheartedly recommend them!