WeRevive Property Group

Real Estate Bond Offering

For the past seven years, Stratford Price Capital has been locating distressed property, purchasing it for a discount, adding value through renovations, and selling for a profit. Over the years, we have engaged passive money partners to help execute these deals. WeRevive is appropriately named, as what we do is revive situations. We empathize with sellers and their distressed situations and encourage them to revive relationships. We revive families by supplying work opportunities for our contractors so they can provide for their families. We revive cities by taking run-down properties, fixing them, reducing vacancies and adding to the tax base. We revive investor portfolios by giving them an option for an investment, backed by real estate, backed by great management, allowing them to invest in something they can see and touch.

Investment Summary

This investment is backed by an operation that buys, fixes, and sell single family real estate in Canada. Invest in something you can see and touch.


Investment Name: WeRevive Property Group


Investment Type: Debt


Investment Length: 1 year term


Investment Targeted Return: 10%

The Stratford Cathedral

Below is a video that captures the essence of what we are doing at WeRevive Property Group. This video shows our team buying, fixing, and selling a heritage home in Winnipeg, MB.