Blackcard Elite Academy

Discover the foundational skills in life and business that drive success

Mission and Philosophy of Our Academy

BlackCard School is the school of the future. The traditional school system is out of date. Gone are the days of sitting in the classroom, learning from teachers without real-world experience.

At BlackCard School, you learn through 1 on 1 guidance from a coach who has been in your position before. We guide you through the difficulties of starting a business and becoming profitable. Whatever your goal is, we help you achieve it with speed and precision.

We Design Companies. But Build Owners

Build a Life of Skill and a Life of Love

1. The Business Romance Academy exists to equip and build people who will speak and live a message showing people that it is possible to succeed to the highest levels in life and business while being full of irrational love for people along the way. We are known as the people who accomplish both of these things in business.

2. We cannot earn the respect of people, colleagues, competitors, customers, and teammates unless every person takes responsibility for their own success every day. This means that we as individuals must find ways to perform to the highest level at our chosen career.

3. And we cannot expect to express irrational love if we don’t have the right beliefs about business.

4. At the Business Romance Academy, we teach enduring and relevant skills like:
a. Personal Leadership
b. Responsibility
c. CEO Training
d. Balancing Personal and Professional Lives

5. At the Business Romance Academy, we equip people to walk the path of being great employees, being great business owners, and being great investors.

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