Putting Your Money To Work

Holding interests in private real estate and private businesses all over the world, we seek out the best investment ideas for your targeted risk and return objectives.

Diversify to Private Investments, Aim to Reduce Volatility

The majority of public companies began as private companies. Going public and being listed on a stock exchange is one option. We choose to buy private real estate and private businesses and partner with operators who manage those assets well.

Private Real Estate

Stratford Price Capital Real Estate Joint Ventures (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) specializes in creating high value for all parties involved through real estate joint ventures earning investor returns of 8-15% per annum.

Private Business

Buhle Painting and Decorating earning investor returns of 11% per annum. Africa Development Capital earning investor returns of 36% per annum. Htech Firearms earning investor returns of 20% per annum. Advantage Investment earning investor returns of 15% per annum.

We Provide Investors with Access to Leading Private Equity and Private Real Estate Opportunities

Every dollar we make is another dollar that contributes to your wealth and solidifies your financial future. At Stratford Price, we’re driven by a true sense of purpose to empower you to generate wealth on your terms.

Building Wealth. Changing Lives

A leading investment fund, we specialize in crafting investment opportunities for sophisticated investors, consistently delivering risk-adjusted returns and innovative advisory and fund management without compromising capital security.


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