Private Investment Experts

At Stratford Price, we know that we are stewards of capital. We protect our investors, we provide for our investors, and we manage assets with integrity, transparency, and profitability.


Build Your Private Equity Strategy

Private Real-Estate

Diversify your portfolio with quality properties delivering stable returns across single-family, multi-family, and apartment blocks.


Private Businesses

We buy and finance innovative, nascent businesses to create successful, industry-leading investment vehicles.

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Reduce Risk

When the public markets are volatile, a great way to reduce your risk is to have investments in private assets that continue to pay you returns, regardless of the emotions of investors and the volatility in the stock market. The assets in our portfolio are solid, well-run companies that are taking advantage of an opportunity created in the market to produce more predictable returns in times of volatility

Excellent Rates of Return

Whether it be private equity or private debt, Our private business investments bring in average returns higher than that of comparable risk portfolios in the public markets, without the lack of control and volatility. See our current assets here (Click Here)


Our vast global network enables us to be connected to investment opportunities and investment operators that are great stewards of capital, working in opportunities you will not hear about at your local bank. These private, and highly lucrative deals, are another way to diversify your wealth strategy across industries, countries, and assets.


Jason Greschuk

CEO/Fund Manager

Founder/director of SuperFriendly, co-founder/CEO of SuperBooked

Kevin Ziolkoski

Investor Relations

Data Analyst, Process Mapping, Lean Management

Ian Streutker

Asset Manager

Asset Manager/CRM, Process Mapping, Training

What to Expect

Thanks to our vast network, we get access to investment opportunities that are hard to find and give outstanding returns on investment. With the help of our Business Romance Specialists, we guide our investment operators through hands-on coaching programs to ensure they align with the values of our brand.

The result?

Our leadership development approach and network invest in partnerships, people, and growth

Leadership Development

We proactively advance partnered businesses with the goal of shaping favorable outcomes for investors.


Leading Advisors

The depth and breadth of our skilled team help us to rapidly unravel complexities and identify opportunities.

Cross-Border Collaboration

We leverage an increasingly global world to seize investment opportunities around the world.

Integrated Wealth Management

A multi-disciplinary approach to wealth management to protect and grow your capital and make life easier.


Next Steps

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Complimentary Financial Plan

Part of us being stewards of capital is making sure we are exposing people to investments they are suitable for. We gather your info, help you with a plan, and identify the type of amount of capital to use for your private equity goals


Access to Private Investments

Speak with our Fund Manager about available opportunities that line up with your goals and risk tolerance. Time to deploy that capital!


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