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There is only one industry in the world and that’s capital. Everything else is a cause
Kevin Ziolkoski.

At Stratford Price, we know that we are stewards of capital. We protect our investors, we provide for our investors, and we manage assets with integrity, transparency, and profitability.


Build Your Private Equity Strategy

Private Real-Estate

Diversify your portfolio with quality properties delivering stable returns across single-family, multi-family, and apartment blocks.

Leading Off-Market Deals

Access the best off-market deals in the private equity space with investment operators proven as good stewards of capital.


Private Businesses

We buy and finance innovative, nascent businesses to create successful, industry-leading investment vehicles.


We Help People Build and Enjoy Financial Security

Unlock access to tailored solutions designed to help you achieve your goals. Our role isn’t to manage your money, but to empower you to generate wealth on your terms. Invest in private equity and private real estate to diversify your portfolio, accelerate your return, and stress less about your financial security – now and in the future.


Make confident, informed decisions about your finances


Access the most lucrative private investment opportunities available

Reduce Risk

When the public markets are volatile, a great way to reduce your risk is to have investments in private assets that continue to pay you returns, regardless of the emotions of investors and the volatility in the stock market. The assets in our portfolio are solid, well-run companies that are taking advantage of an opportunity created in the market to produce more predictable returns in times of volatility

Excellent Rates of Return

Whether it be private equity or private debt, Our private business investments bring in average returns higher than that of comparable risk portfolios in the public markets, without the lack of control and volatility. See our current assets here (Click Here)


Our vast global network enables us to be connected to investment opportunities and investment operators that are great stewards of capital, working in opportunities you will not hear about at your local bank. These private, and highly lucrative deals, are another way to diversify your wealth strategy across industries, countries, and assets.

Board Of Advisors

Kerry Lum

i. Kerry began his career in commercial real estate and from 1991 to present, Kerry has been involved with numerous commercial and residential real estate transactions including land development, project marketing, commercial leasing, investment and land syndication . From 2004 to 2010, Kerry worked as an associate and principal for a real estate investment syndication firm located in western Canada. Since 2004, Mr. Lum has been involved in real estate transactions in excess of $150 M as principal, partner or contracted associate.

ii. Since 2010 Kerry serves as a trustee in a private REIT, Phoenix Capital Fund – US, that focused on Las Vegas residential properties. Mr. Lum currently asset manages over 220 properties and worked with Exempt Market Dealers and IIROC firms throughout Canada

Kevin Ziolkosk

i. Kevin began his professional career in corporate lean manufacturing as a junior purchasing agent. He eventually became the Global Sourcing Manager where he oversaw $340M worth of contractual spend and several teams of employees. Being a large proponent of continued personal growth, Kevin decided to focus on his passion and accepted a position with a private equity firm.

ii. All told to date, Kevin has been acutely involved with private businesses across Canada, predominantly in the sectors of structured finance, both residential and commericial real estate, technology, oil & gas, and leasing. Kevin’s experience includes being a Director of a commercial private real estate issuing and, more recently, expanded into assisting publicly listed, private equity firms and, through partnership, having access to deep, ready debt capital to finance 100% of a company’s growth requirements. Combining his successes in working with entrepreneurs in the Private Equity world with his high level experiences in a multibillion dollar operation gives Kevin the ability to guide organizations from inception to industry leader. As a Principal of BlueShore Capital Partners, Kevin builds the firm’s success through impeccable internal leadership.

iii. Kevin holds his Certificate in Management (CIM) Designation, which he attained in 2000 from the University of Manitoba, and completed his Financial Exempt Market Products (EMP) course in 2010.

What to Expect

Thanks to our vast network, we get access to investment opportunities that are hard to find and give outstanding returns on investment. With the help of our Business Romance Specialists, we guide our investment operators through hands-on coaching programs to ensure they align with the values of our brand.

The result?

Our leadership development approach and network invest in partnerships, people, and growth

Leadership Development

Our partnership with Blackcard Elite Academy and Business Romance ensures we are proactive in training investment operators that are going to run an investment that is profitable for all involved.

Global Collaboration

We leverage a global network to seize exclusive and lucrative private investment opportunities. Get in our inner circle.


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